Everyone’s a DJ August 20, 2010 Photos

We had a great party on Friday night. The factory was packed out solid and the dancefloor was super sweaty. We got the ball rolling with white pigeon playing some killer electro tracks. superkid followed suit keeping the crowd pumping and ready for the quirky fashion show label launch for Linda Mai Phung – musical chairs! You knew this show was going to be unlike any other show. Instead of your typical electro beat music, in came the sound of young kids singing what seemed to be a children’s song. The models hit the stage and the show began. The concept was simple, the models will walk around a set of chairs and when the music stops they would have to sit down on the chairs. There is always one less chair then there is model so the standing model is out of the game. This was a huge success.

After the show ended, Dan from Swiss DJ Collective hit the decks, keeping the floor pumping all night long. The sweaty dancefloor got even more crowded and more sweaty. Fun was had by all.

We would like to thank all those involved and we look forward to the next one!

Click on the links below for photos:

Everyone’s a DJ August 20, 2010 Photos on anyarena.com

Everyone’s a DJ August 20, 2010 Photos by superkid & friends