Next EADJ – Saturday, September 18, 2010 – Fundraising Party for Artist Erin O’Brien

So we’ve just confirmed our next party…Saturday, September 18, 2010 at Vasco’s (74/7D Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, HCMC). Our good friend and artist, Erin O’Brien has landed 1 of 2 spots for a 3 month artist’s residency in Los Angeles at Raid Projects. Unfortunately, this is not fully funded so to help her out we’re holding a fundraising and going away party for her. It’s what you will expect from an EADJ party (great music, great atmosphere, sweaty packed out dancefloor) but more!

We all know how expensive it is whenever we go home to visit and we all know how difficult it is for artists to make a living. So come out and help support a fellow artist. We’ll be selling raffle tickets for some amazing may even leave with a piece of artwork at the end of the night!

What Erin Does:

What Erin Will Do:
Proposed Raid Projects:

The first project will be based on my research during my Fulbright Fellowship. I am investigating the nuances of the word “nước.” In Vietnamese, the word “nước” means, water, country, nation, and homeland. To ask “nước nào?” is to ask, “Where is your country”? Where is your home? This on-going project investigates the relationship between Vietnamese communities and water. By exploring the subtleties of the word “nước” in traditional arts, myths and legends, I am creating a series of videos, installations and performances that explore notions of water and home in the Vietnamese Diaspora. Specifically, I have been working with nước mắm (fish sauce) creating a mixed media installation. The work involves drying nước mắm to make salt. The idea is that when nước mắm is explained to westerners it is compared to salt “it is in every dish and on every table.” This led me to think about the Vietnamese Diaspora, you can take the Vietnamese out of Vietnam but you can never really take the nước mắm out of the Vietnamese. Much in the same way you can make salt from nước mắm but you can never really make the white western salt we are familiar with. The salt will always retain the flavor and essence of nước mắm. The nước mắm will be evaporated in the gallery space and accompanied by text written with nước mắm on rice paper, which is rendered visible only by the slow application of heat. The installation also contains several video projections. The first video projection is a 20-minute loop of workers building a boat and the second video is 20-minute of loop an empty guard tower, the other video projections have yet to be developed. In order to complete the project, I need time to edit the videos and to work on the development of the installation. More importantly, I need the distance from Vietnam in order to be able to reflect on my experiences and create the work about Vietnam.

The second project is a version of my GEO Home performance series. In this synaesthetic performance series, I cook a meal that reminds me of “home,” which will be prepared at the host’s house. Through this performance series I explore notions of home, memory, synaesthesia, community, and authenticity. Sometimes, it is about food that reminds me of a place I called home, or even a memory or feeling of a place. Sometimes, it is just about a moment. Sometimes, it is about a confluence of temporal and spatial realms in a particular space. It is always about food. As a bit of a nomad, food has always been anchor to a place that for me has never really existed – a place called home. I will create a performance of home by preparing and sharing a meal with you. You never know what will be on the menu. Together, we will enjoy a meal, just like family – just like “home.” I have never performed GEO Home in Los Angeles; I would focus this version of the GEO Home performance series on reconciling my Los Angeles and Saigon homes through my menus. I am currently experimenting with dishes such as Thit Kho (Vietnamese caramelized pork) Burritos and other transnational intersections of tastes. I plan to continue this performance series, however, in order to reach a different audience I will host GEO Home as a pop-up restaurant 1-2 times a month. Diep Tran, the owner of Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park, and an avid supporter of the arts, has offered to let me use her restaurant space on Mondays in order to bring GEO Home performance home to Los Angeles. Good Girl Dinette, a Vietnamese and American comfort food diner, was recently highlighted in bucket list by Jonathan Gold as one of the “99 places to eat in LA before you die”.