Fact & Fiction Films is launching a new website! Seen in Saigon!

As Saigon is increasingly becoming a spot for international musicians and bands to play while touring Asia, we decided it was time to start documenting it. Seen in Saigon will cover the emerging Saigon music scene with a focus on the international artists visiting Vietnam. It will feature video profiles, photography and written pieces about the music and the scene itself.

But what about the local Vietnamese music scene you ask? Do not fret we are busy developing another project that focuses on that as well. For now take a look at our first Seen in Saigon video featuring Los Angeles bass music innovator, Mono/Poly. He has a fast rising profile, forged alongside L.A. luminaries such as Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder crew. Astral projections, MK Ultra, UFOs…how does all this influence Mono/Poly’s music? Check out the video and see for yourself.

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