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Welcome to Everyone’s a DJ..promoters of indie | discopunk | synth pop in Saigon
 Here is our story so far…

EADJ Mark I (2009 -2011)
Everyone’s a DJ was started by New York City & Toronto natives who missed grimy loft and basement parties and wanted to try something like that in Vietnam just for kicks.

The concept was simple. Create a dance party with a DIY aesthetic heavily rooted in art, film, and design and in early 2009, Everyone’s a DJ burst onto the nightlife scene doing just that.

EADJ came to form when Thomas Maresca (White Pigeon) and Linh Phan (superkid) met at a party and decided it was time for them to start their own dance party that mirrored the ones they went to back home in New York and Toronto. Instead of the typical nightclubs, they decided to start their party on the top floor of a little bar in the backpack area called Cyclo. A little grimy, a little dirty, just the right atmosphere for this new dance party. Soon word of mouth spread about this new party in town that played music not normally heard in the HCMC nightlife scene. 

Between 2009 and 2011 EADJ took root in various venues such as the now defunct Cage, The Factory, Vasco’s and La Fenetre. Throughout the years they’ve had a host of special events, guests and collaborations including, a flash mob dance performance, a fashion label launch, a live electronic performance by Architect in Helsinki’s Super Melody and a series of band showcases that featured and focused on local underground talent playing original rock and alternative music.

In 2011 EADJ started adding a few more parties into their rotation such as the 50s/60s rock’n’roll/ motown dance party, shimmy shimmy coco pop and the 80s dance party Mixed Tape.

EADJ Mark II  (2012…)
As we’ve started expanding our collection of dance parties, we’ve decided to make a slight branding change. We’ve decided to keep the EADJ name as an umbrella brand with different parties underneath it. What does this mean to your favourite indie electro dance party EADJ? Nothing except a name change. We are now re-branding it to ELECTRIC KICKS. It’s the same party with the same DIY aesthetic…just with a new kick ass name.

2012 will also see a the return of Electric Kicks Live, shimmy shimmy coco pop, Mixed Tape as well as some other new nights and collaborations.

superkid will also be embarking on a new side project with hibiya line.  The focus of the project will be to bring more indie electro, house, nu disco and electronic related acts from the South East Asian region and International market to Saigon.


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